She’s Got Cellulite too!


Recently, I met a beautiful 20-year-old who was crowned Miss Teen Florida a few years ago and 2nd runner-up to Miss Florida.  Talk about feeling intimidated by such a beautiful young woman. Yes, for a moment I wondered if I looked like an old woman to her. Talk about feeling like a rotary phone in a voice prompted world. Surely, I must have seemed ancient to her. I found myself adjusting my mannerisms in order to connect with her on some level.  We had minimal common ground. As I pondered how the inside of me was acting differently around her I began to ask myself why? Why, was I feeling like this? Sometimes a good old reality check is what it takes to get me to move in the direction to pray for myself and in this case for her. And, in praying, guess what I discovered?

Insecurity, yep, really that is exactly what was going on in my heart. As I began to unpack that feeling on the inside, I realized the insecurity came from the huge gap between her generation and mine. That feeling was making me feel unsettled. Her culture being Generation Z and mine being Generation X. Did her beauty have anything to do with it? Well, yes a little. I’d be lying to you which would not work for a Christian blog if I said no. However, once I pulled the beauty aspect of it apart it did not have a hold on me.  I know that God has made me and her fearful and wonderful.  And honestly, you know something else? Miss Florida has cellulite too! Yes, as she was sitting there in my salon chair with her legs crossed I saw it. The little annoying ripples, bumps, and lumps that plague most women all over the world.  The women of the beauty industry and modeling industry have cellulite just like you and me.  So, no worries that industry has it too. Thank God for Photoshop.

So, what about this other part of feeling insecure concerning this huge generational gap? It was tugging at my heart. I was trying to connect with someone who was more than two decades younger than me. I was trying to find common ground with a person whose generation is so different from mine. This may not be exactly accurate for all of us but this is how I view it.  At times, I feel so lost and out of touch with this world. I watch commercials, listen to people, and observe people. They have the newest gadgets, current with updates and are in tune with the newest trends. If I watch the world around me then I can begin to sense the mindset and reality of people’s interest and hearts. I feel as though I am being left behind.

There is always a new app, a new phone, a new restaurant, a new fashion trend, a new home décor trend, a snap it, pin it, hashtag it, YouTube it, brand it, a new superfood, a new vitamin, and a new politically incorrect word. A generation bent on if you change the word or phrase it won’t somehow be offensive or that it will somehow change the reality of how things really are. It is a generation of same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom rights, politically correct speech, a modern mindset that thinks I should have everything the same as you whether I worked for it or not, a generation of education and technology at their fingertips like never before. A generation that will have severe neck and hand issues when they are old from gaming and phone addictions.  I actually was told that I was out of touch in a recent college class because I was appalled at how someone’s opinion whether right or wrong got them fired. In some ways yes I am totally lost when it comes to the latest thing trending or even lost to the artificial intelligence age that we are moving into. I met a 20-year-old and suddenly I felt lost in the gap. I’m too young for Talbots and too old for Forever 21. Ugh! Yes, I am 43 and lost without a clue to some of it. Should I get my head out of the sand or should I know just enough to speak and connect and adapt to all that is going on around me?

How about you? Do you feel the same way at times too? How connected or disconnected do you feel to the younger generations? How do we find common ground and a connection between the gaps of age and a fast-moving ever-changing culture with new laws, etiquette, and views?

For me, I really needed some answers from Jesus. And, as I did pray concerning how I would connect to this the 20-year old and addressing my disconnected insecurity a clearer mindset began to form. My feelings started to subside and I saw her and this generation Z in a different way.  I began to picture looking into her eyes with no makeup on, no crown, no wealth, and no accolades and I began to see a girl just like you and me. A girl who desires above all in her core to be loved and feel safe and secure. I began to see her as Jesus would. A lost soul in need of love, forgiveness, and a savior. I do not care how this generation or the generation to come snaps it, tweets it, pins it, or programs it the need will be the same: true and genuine love. Love will always cover a multitude of sins. No matter who we come in contact with and no matter their age or status the fruit and extension of the love of Jesus in us will connect us. We can gain access and connectedness to a soul that just might need Jesus.  The love of Jesus is one way I know how to connect with this generation.

My answer is old school. A tradition and a value that is never ending, never changing, and always relevant, Love. Love is patient and kind. This kind of love is rooted and grounded in the mighty God we serve. We serve a God who is never changing in His love for the newborn, the tween, the teen, the young adult, the twenty-somethings, the thirty-somethings, the new 20 which is 40, the loving life 50 somethings, and the daring sixty folks and the beautiful beyond. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! His love is everlasting to all generations and He fills the gaps, period!

For further study, I encourage you to look up the following scriptures: Psalm 100:5 and Psalm 139:13-14, 1 Cor 13:4-7, Hebrews 13:8, 1 Peter 4:8

For further meditation on God, may I suggest a journal entry using this question: Am I feeling disconnected with someone younger than me and if so how could this feeling of disconnect change if I were to show them the love of Jesus?





The Angry Princess

The Angry Princess

Pixar’s film, “The Incredibles” is one of my all-time favorite family movies. I will have to say I have watched it more times than I would like to admit. This movie tells a story of a family of superheroes who overcome fear, mend their marriage, and stand up against injustices. There is a scene in the movie where Mr. Incredible has to watch a person being mugged outside of his office window while his boss is yelling at him and threatening to fire him. Mr. Incredible becomes enraged because the mugger got away with the victim’s personal belongings. His boss was downright mean and unsympathetic toward the victim of the mugger. Mr. Incredible then takes his little egotistic mean boss and throws him through ten office walls with his superpower of strength. He took out his anger on his boss for the injustice that the victim and he himself had suffered. His boss wound up in a body cast in the hospital. Mr. Incredible could not control his emotions and lost his self-control which cost him his job and a lawsuit.

There have been a few times in my life where I would have liked to have taken a few people who are mean and created injustices and put them through some walls myself. I’m just keeping it real. I know that it’s not very Princess like to feel that way but we live in a world where the injustices that happen around us just plain out make us angry like Mr. Incredible.

Injustice or our common vernacular “that’s not fair” is something that as long as we are breathing we will deal with. We all have difficulties at our jobs and we all have seen and dealt with injustices from time to time. It is difficult to sit back and not be able to do anything about them. Perhaps, we have seen or dealt with a boss who is dishonest, a coworker who gets ahead before we do, or a company that has values or practices that go against our moral and biblical beliefs.

On a more personal level maybe we have dealt with adultery, rejection, or accusations. Perhaps we have seen or heard of a child being abused, or maybe we are aware of people who are being taken advantage of mentally, emotionally, or even financially. All of these things can make us angry when it not only affects our lives but the lives of all that are in our circle of relationships.

How do we as Princesses of God keep our composure in times like this? How do we maintain a kind and gentle spirit when there are so many things around us that make us angry? What can we do?

There are times when a situation must be confronted. There are also times when we are to remain silent. There are times when we are to file a report or go to authorities. There are also times to seek wise counsel in order to even know what to do.  The anger we are feeling is a sure sign that we first experienced a sense of frustration, fear or even injustice. In other words, the anger we feel is in response to the initial incident we encountered. For instance, if we stub our toe we might let out a yell, or a silent gesture, then we are left with the throbbing pain. Anger is the throbbing pain after the initial stubbing of the toe.

Let’s take a look at Jonah. I love this guy because I can relate. First, he runs from God because he did not want to relay the message God wanted him to give. Second, he did not want to relay the message because he knew God would end up being merciful to the people of Nineveh. Jonah ends up being obedient reluctantly and relays the message. God was going to destroy the city! Jonah decided to sit back and watch to see what would happen all while having his own pity party and sulking in his anger. Jonah 4:1 says, “But it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he was angry.”

The people of Nineveh end up responding to the message by an amazing act of repentance. God spares them miraculously. God did not give them what they deserved and Jonah did not like it. Are we any different? We want justice and we are angry with someone then perhaps they get their life right with Jesus and we should rejoice yet we are mad because they didn’t get what they deserved. Or, God asks us to forgive or love them and we refuse because of what they did to us. They are deserving of death in our eyes. Oh, my sisters in Jesus I get it.  Jonah didn’t see the judgment he thought they deserved. We don’t get to see the justice we think people deserve either and honestly, justice and judgment belong to God Almighty anyway not us. In fact, the Lord said, “Do you do well to be angry?” (Jonah 4:4)

And, what about us? Aren’t you and I glad that God didn’t give us what we deserve either? I know people stink sometimes. Their moods, their lifestyles, their criticism can be so hurtful and annoying but God calls us to a higher standard. That standard is to put our wedding gown on and lace up our boots and go into his presence. We are to talk to Him about everything. He is the only one that can ease our heart, ease our mind, and take away the anger. I am not a brain specialist but I know enough to know that anger and logic cannot reside at the same time. When the anger comes on us, we must slow down, take a huge deep breath, and then we can realize we have been triggered and we are angry. That is right where we need to be. At that moment we go straight to Jesus and rant and blow the steam and let it out. Tell the Lord how much you want to throw Kool-Aid at them or see them rot. Then, let His grace lead you to pray. If we never get to the throne room we can never vent in order to allow God to deal with our pain, our fears, our anxiety etc. Anger is a great tool if we will allow it to be. This is so crucial; if we do not trigger our brain and our flesh to come to God then we will sulk like Jonah, gossip in anger over our leadership, or strike the rock like Moses. Our anger can fuel us to stupid if we let it.

No matter what the situation is, our first response when anger hits should be to embrace our King in the throne room. I know that is easier said than done but with a little practice, we can get there.

The great thing about being a Christian and a Princess is that we can choose what to do with our anger when we become aware of it. We can choose to allow it to run rampant in our lives causing us to make some bad decisions or we can channel that anger to make some right ones. As a princess, being angry is okay with God but what we do with it will determine if we remain in right standing with God.

Your Fellow Warrior and Princess, Jobi Jones

For further Study, I encourage you to read the short book of Jonah, Numbers 12 to see how if we don’t channel our anger against someone properly we can end up becoming gossipers and to see the anger of Moses look up Numbers 20:10-11. Also, for further meditation on God may I suggest a journal entry using this question: Is there anything going on in my life right now that is causing me to be angry with someone or with a situation and why?

Scripture References: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®)
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Saints on a Sunday at Sunrise (The Battle of Questioning)

As I paced through the hospital hallway staring at a patient’s door there lie a woman, my mother-in-law, named Christine and she was dying. She couldn’t breathe, she was bleeding out due to cancer, and she was suffering from Terminal Restless Syndrome. I do not know if you have ever heard of TRS but it is like a person having the strength of a sumo wrestler and the energy of a Tasmanian devil inside a pinball machine. It includes agitation, hallucinations, and delirium. I have never experienced that syndrome before and it is quite difficult to deal with a person who is suffering with it. My family and I hadn’t slept for 5 days due to Christine’s restlessness and in fact, over 100 mg of morphine in a 24 hour period was still not enough to get this 69-year-old 87 lb. woman to sleep. It was crazy, to say the least.

It was 1 a.m. in the morning when I was pacing through those hospital halls and I could not understand why the Lord was delaying in taking Christine home. In fact, I asked Him why and His response was silence. Oh, don’t you love that? Silence. I know Jesus’ silence doesn’t mean that He is not there. It was Sunday so I know the Lord was helping all His saints get ready for Sunday Church but I needed Him in that moment. I also know the Lord never ever is too busy for me or you but like a little kid I stomped my feet anyway wanting to know Why. Why would Jesus not take her home to heaven to be with Him? We had peace knowing that she would be with Jesus because one night in a hospital room just a few months back my husband had the honor of leading her to the throne room of God. She gave her heart and life to Him, received forgiveness, and eternal life. Yet, I still questioned the Lord on His timing to take her home. It seemed I couldn’t help it, I questioned Him anyway. As I was praying and questioning I realized His ways are not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts according to Isaiah 55:8-9. That is the scripture that I quieted my soul with that early Sunday morning. I thought of Job and knew it was okay to ask the Lord but still in my flesh I was struggling. It had been a long 10 months for my husband and I and I did not know how we would be able to keep taking care of her in this state of health. She was suffering and we were exhausted. In a year’s time we renovated our home to accommodate Christine’s stay with us, we instantaneously became cancer patient caretakers, and our lives were revolved around her.

My husband truly was a saint and an inspiration for me to watch as he tenderly attended to his mom. I, on the other hand, struggled a lot through this process. I did not know my mother in law and had only met her once 16 years ago when we got married. So, all in a short time I lost part of my home, had to learn to live with someone I did not know and learn to take care of her and her illness. Talk about a season of change. It is comforting to know that God trusted my husband and I enough to watch over her. It takes patience, faith, and perseverance when you and I are put in a position we did not ask for. I hate to even admit it but in times of frustration I would say to my husband, “I did not sign up for this!” I am guessing Jesus wanted to work on us but especially me because we truly felt like James 1:2-4. It reads, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” Well, I guess we were lacking. Truly, I think God has a sense of humor. I love Him dearly and know that Romans 8:28 is true which states, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” And our purpose assigned to us for this season was Christine. 

My pacing ceased in the hallways and I threw in the towel at 2 a.m. and made my way home from the hospice hospital simply because I was exhausted. My husband and brother-in-law stayed by her side for a little longer. She finally went into a deep sleep at 3 a.m. after enough morphine to put an army to rest. Poor thing had to be tired too, she hadn’t sleep since that Wednesday and it was now Sunday. I remember my husband coming to bed around 3:30 a.m. and we awoke around 6:30 a.m. to get ready for Church and another day of TRS with Christine.

My husband teaches married couples at church and I stand alongside him as his helpmate. But, that morning I was like, “this girl is going to be late!” At 43 the bags under the eyes needed a little time to go down and several cups of coffee were needed to feel like a human again. But, as we shuffled around the house and looked at our phones we discovered that we had missed a few calls from Hospice so my husband immediately contacted them.  My mother-in-law had passed away in her sleep at sunrise. A deep sigh filled my lungs and I was able to breathe out relief. I don’t mean to sound morbid but she was not suffering any longer. She was healed and in the presence of Almighty God. How could I not be relieved? Then, the thought sunk in and I was astounded by God. He had it planned all along the day and hour in which she would go home to be with Him. Who was I to question Him? His plans are always good and His ways truly not mine.

My husband proceeded to go to church and teach and I had to go by Hospice to pick up Christine’s belongings. It was a surreal moment when I stepped into the room and looked upon her by the bedside. I knew I was looking at a physical body but I knew she wasn’t there. Her last breath here was her first breath in Heaven. But, something happened while standing there at her bedside. God and the hospice nurse as my witnesses she looked over 20 years younger lying there. This 69-year-old woman because of cancer and smoking looked over 80 but lying there in that moment God had cleared every wrinkle except around her lips and her face was a smooth and subtle as a 50-year-old woman. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. It was so amazing that even the nurse stepped over as I was making a fuss over what I saw and she said, “I know, wow, look at how smooth and beautiful her skin is.” It was as though the light of the glory of God had made her physical body reflect the beauty of the Lord when He arrived to take her home that morning. Wow! Now if I had not had a witness you would probably think I was nuts but thankfully I do so that you would believe. Truly, the beauty of the Lord does make the countenance reflect it even when the last breath is taken.

Thanks to my mother-in-law Christine, I have learned so much. My husband and I had the privilege to walk with her through her journey. The ability to be patient and persevere as caretakers had its challenges at times, to say the least. However, through the last days of her earthly life, I learned something very valuable that has helped me to grow in my faith. I know that I knew this before but this experience has solidified for me without a doubt that Jesus Christ is in control of our life and our last breath. His timing is beautiful and His ways are perfect. Who else but God could take one of His Saints on a Sunday at Sunrise and it not be one of the most glorious experiences one of His daughters could witness. His day, His hour, His decision. I wouldn’t want to serve any other God but the one who is sovereign in all that He does even when at times we question Him.

Your Fellow Warrior and Princess,                                                                                              Jobi Jones

For further study, I encourage you to look up the following scriptures: Psalm 116:15 God looks forward to seeing His saints in heaven. Luke 1:78-79 Jesus is our Sunrise. Mark 16 God likes Sundays. Also, for further meditation on God may I suggest a journal entry using this question: Do I believe that God is in control of my very first breath all the way to my last?

Hospice has put out a great article on TRS at

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