She’s Got Cellulite too!


Recently, I met a beautiful 20-year-old who was crowned Miss Teen Florida a few years ago and 2nd runner-up to Miss Florida.  Talk about feeling intimidated by such a beautiful young woman. Yes, for a moment I wondered if I looked like an old woman to her. Talk about feeling like a rotary phone in a voice prompted world. Surely, I must have seemed ancient to her. I found myself adjusting my mannerisms in order to connect with her on some level.  We had minimal common ground. As I pondered how the inside of me was acting differently around her I began to ask myself why? Why, was I feeling like this? Sometimes a good old reality check is what it takes to get me to move in the direction to pray for myself and in this case for her. And, in praying, guess what I discovered?

Insecurity, yep, really that is exactly what was going on in my heart. As I began to unpack that feeling on the inside, I realized the insecurity came from the huge gap between her generation and mine. That feeling was making me feel unsettled. Her culture being Generation Z and mine being Generation X. Did her beauty have anything to do with it? Well, yes a little. I’d be lying to you which would not work for a Christian blog if I said no. However, once I pulled the beauty aspect of it apart it did not have a hold on me.  I know that God has made me and her fearful and wonderful.  And honestly, you know something else? Miss Florida has cellulite too! Yes, as she was sitting there in my salon chair with her legs crossed I saw it. The little annoying ripples, bumps, and lumps that plague most women all over the world.  The women of the beauty industry and modeling industry have cellulite just like you and me.  So, no worries that industry has it too. Thank God for Photoshop.

So, what about this other part of feeling insecure concerning this huge generational gap? It was tugging at my heart. I was trying to connect with someone who was more than two decades younger than me. I was trying to find common ground with a person whose generation is so different from mine. This may not be exactly accurate for all of us but this is how I view it.  At times, I feel so lost and out of touch with this world. I watch commercials, listen to people, and observe people. They have the newest gadgets, current with updates and are in tune with the newest trends. If I watch the world around me then I can begin to sense the mindset and reality of people’s interest and hearts. I feel as though I am being left behind.

There is always a new app, a new phone, a new restaurant, a new fashion trend, a new home décor trend, a snap it, pin it, hashtag it, YouTube it, brand it, a new superfood, a new vitamin, and a new politically incorrect word. A generation bent on if you change the word or phrase it won’t somehow be offensive or that it will somehow change the reality of how things really are. It is a generation of same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom rights, politically correct speech, a modern mindset that thinks I should have everything the same as you whether I worked for it or not, a generation of education and technology at their fingertips like never before. A generation that will have severe neck and hand issues when they are old from gaming and phone addictions.  I actually was told that I was out of touch in a recent college class because I was appalled at how someone’s opinion whether right or wrong got them fired. In some ways yes I am totally lost when it comes to the latest thing trending or even lost to the artificial intelligence age that we are moving into. I met a 20-year-old and suddenly I felt lost in the gap. I’m too young for Talbots and too old for Forever 21. Ugh! Yes, I am 43 and lost without a clue to some of it. Should I get my head out of the sand or should I know just enough to speak and connect and adapt to all that is going on around me?

How about you? Do you feel the same way at times too? How connected or disconnected do you feel to the younger generations? How do we find common ground and a connection between the gaps of age and a fast-moving ever-changing culture with new laws, etiquette, and views?

For me, I really needed some answers from Jesus. And, as I did pray concerning how I would connect to this the 20-year old and addressing my disconnected insecurity a clearer mindset began to form. My feelings started to subside and I saw her and this generation Z in a different way.  I began to picture looking into her eyes with no makeup on, no crown, no wealth, and no accolades and I began to see a girl just like you and me. A girl who desires above all in her core to be loved and feel safe and secure. I began to see her as Jesus would. A lost soul in need of love, forgiveness, and a savior. I do not care how this generation or the generation to come snaps it, tweets it, pins it, or programs it the need will be the same: true and genuine love. Love will always cover a multitude of sins. No matter who we come in contact with and no matter their age or status the fruit and extension of the love of Jesus in us will connect us. We can gain access and connectedness to a soul that just might need Jesus.  The love of Jesus is one way I know how to connect with this generation.

My answer is old school. A tradition and a value that is never ending, never changing, and always relevant, Love. Love is patient and kind. This kind of love is rooted and grounded in the mighty God we serve. We serve a God who is never changing in His love for the newborn, the tween, the teen, the young adult, the twenty-somethings, the thirty-somethings, the new 20 which is 40, the loving life 50 somethings, and the daring sixty folks and the beautiful beyond. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! His love is everlasting to all generations and He fills the gaps, period!

For further study, I encourage you to look up the following scriptures: Psalm 100:5 and Psalm 139:13-14, 1 Cor 13:4-7, Hebrews 13:8, 1 Peter 4:8

For further meditation on God, may I suggest a journal entry using this question: Am I feeling disconnected with someone younger than me and if so how could this feeling of disconnect change if I were to show them the love of Jesus?





12 thoughts on “She’s Got Cellulite too!

  1. While sitting by the pool at the Orlando Hilton a week ago I had the opportunity to speak to two different young women both in their 20s. One young woman was serving a friend and I refreshments by the pool. The other was dancing around provocatively in front of 2 friends. I engaged the girl serving us in small talk and noticed she had a sadness behind her facade. So I told her how lovely she was and our enjoyment of having her treat us so nicely. She smiled sweetly, eyes glistening, I said may I pray for you? She looked a little surprised. I said, I see a sadness in your eyes. She opened up and started talking about and ended relationship.

    . I asked her do you know whose you are and how much you are loved?
    A little while later the other young lady saw me watching her and walked right over to me as if to challenging me for watching her. Before she said anything I said what a lovely young lady you are. She stopped short, paused, and said may I sit down she then said that was so nice of you to say I’m really down and not feeling very good about myself. I asked her do you know who you are and how much you’re loved? Both of these conversations with these two young women ended very sweetly with us hugging and encouraging words. I believe that happened because words spoken in love and kindness softens hearts, opens doors for communication, and connection is made..


    1. Beautiful! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I love the question you asked, “do you know whose you are and how much you’re loved?” What a beautiful time the Lord gave you to truly love with encouragement. Thank you for sharing your poolside story. Love it!


    1. Thank you Cathy. It is hard sometimes as women to talk about how we feel when it comes to insecurities. However, I have found when we do we discover we are not alone. Then, hopefully it spurs us on to love no matter age or status.


  2. Very nice, love your encouraging words to all & how you always bring it back to what scripture says
    I see you evolving with each blog!!! Keep up the good work! Love you & your spirit! Deb


  3. This post is so encouraging! Working on a college campus, I’m surrounded by the younger generation, hoping to connect with them . Love is the key. Love conquers the age gap. No matter the age we all have something to offer each other as women.


    1. Beautifully said Diane. Thank you for sharing this with us. I could not imagine the opportunities you must get on a college campus to love. The Warrior and Princess community prays in the mighty name of Jesus for you to know how to love all those young women that the Lord puts before you. Yes, love is the key.


  4. From Lynette W,

    Comment: Each generation goes through times when we wish we were “up” on all the latest technology and interests. We’ve been through similar periods of reflection as we relived the events of Mark’s dad’s life over 95 years. It’s natural to want to connect to younger people. Being a retired professional, I often wish I could better communicate with Generation X friends. There are so many changes! As Children of God, regardless of age, we soon learn to glean new ideas from each other to enrich our lives and the lives of those who are willing and able to share with other generations. It a win-win for all, making us all better able to serve our Lord each day.
    Thanks, Jobi, for sharing this blog with us!


  5. From Linda F.
    Comment: Great insights, Jobi! The struggle is real and yet a long life of walking with Jesus and having lots of hurting people in our lives helps keep perspective on the things that are eternal! Oh, the Love of Jesus…Good word and great scripture references!! Love you!! Hugs, Linda


  6. Jobi, you are doing such a great job! I battle with insecurities as I feel trapped in an aging body but my mind and heart still feel 21! For me it is expectations that will never happen as long as I have to work full time and take care of elderly family members as you so graciously did without complaining! I have valued your prayers and friendship over the years when dealing with my son Chris who has been a challenge more lately than a blessing. I continue to pray God’s will over his life as only God knows his plan! Thank you for your honesty and integrity and transparency over the years I have known you!!


    1. I know it can be hard at times dealing with our grown children. I often have to remind myself that if God loves them more than I could ever love them myself. He has got your beloved Chris and my daughter in the palms of His hand. Where no one can snatch them out.


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